Vision and Core Values


Volito's vision is to take businesses and people to new heights, to improve the world and build value for generations to come. Volito's primary asset is the trust of its stakeholders, which enables Volito and its employees to achieve the company's vision. Trust is achieved through a balance between two main principles in the company's core values - relationships and professionalism.

Strong and sustainable relationships, with colleagues, partners, and the surrounding world, are built through loyalty, honesty, and a long-term perspective. A professional approach forms the foundation for good business that benefits all parties involved, based on competence, flexibility, and determination.

Part of Society

The parent company, Volito AB, and Volito's subsidiaries have both strong relationships with and a significant impact on the surrounding society. Overall, the group employs a large number of people and makes decisions that have a direct and indirect impact on the development of society. It is important for Volito to contribute positively to society and act with strong local roots.

Governance and Reporting

The parent company establishes regulations, policies, and functions for the entire group, including codes of conduct, corporate governance, IT and information security, whistleblowing functions, social engagement, and more. The subsidiaries are responsible for implementation, monitoring, and internal reporting.

The companies in the group are not yet subject to the conditions for preparing sustainability reports. The parent company produces a comprehensive, public, and professional annual report every year with a clear and transparent presentation of the operations within all business areas. The subsidiaries communicate their sustainability efforts through their own channels and prepare for future reporting.

Strategy and Implementation

Both the parent company and the subsidiaries are committed to continuous development and improvement in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible manner. The companies are expected to work towards good and long-term returns for shareholders, follow a code of conduct for good business ethics, provide an attractive and secure workplace, take a general responsibility for the United Nations' global goals, and work to improve the impact on the global goals directly related to their operations. The group's companies should also contribute positively to society through sponsorship and donations, primarily focusing on the leisure and education of young people, youth entrepreneurship, and research that contributes to a better future. Both the parent company and the subsidiaries have a strong social commitment.

In the Business Area of Portfolio Investments Volito aims for active ownership with a focus on companies that have strong business and core value connections to Volito. These companies should have ownership philosophies that match Volito's and be characterized by a long-term, responsible, and sustainable approach.

Sustainability work in our business areas

Volito AB – The Parent Company

Volito AB is an investment company based in Malmö. The company is committed to an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable approach in all aspects of its daily operations. The primary environmental impact and exposure to environmental risks are related to business travel.

Volito Fastigheter (Volito Properties)

Volito Properties has identified both focus areas for its sustainability work and the global goals to which its operations can make the greatest contribution. These include climate impact, including carbon footprint, careful management of buildings from different eras, addition of biological diversity, and care for people. Volito Properties has also joined the LFM30 network - Local Roadmap Malmö 2030 - which is one of the country's largest sustainability initiatives. Within the framework of LFM30, Volito Properties has initiated work on a climate action plan, committed to striving for net-zero carbon neutrality by 2030, and follows LFM30's systematic goal tracking.

Volito Industri (Volito Industry)

Volito Industry directly and indirectly contributes to several areas of sustainable development, with a focus on the UN's global goals for gender equality, sustainable energy for all, decent working conditions and economic growth, sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure, and responsible consumption and production. The company contributes to these goals primarily through the continuous development of its products and services. Examples include the development of sustainable solutions in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrification, systems for oil purification, digital monitoring of machinery and equipment for optimized lifespan, streamlining of manufacturing processes, and reconditioning of components for reduced carbon footprint.

Portfolio Investments

Portfolio companies undertake independent and ambitious sustainability work. Detailed information can be found on,, and